Arizona Collage Collective

untitled collaboration between Clive Knights and Suzanne Winkel. Courtesy of the artists.

Arizona Collage Collective

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


Suzanne Winkel founded the Arizona Collage Collective in September 2019, with the help of Lynette Guck, Dawn Hudson, and Martha Andreatos. “We were looking for other collage artists in our area who were interested in forming a community.” They host a monthly collage Meetup that is free and open to the public. They provide all materials, sponsor workshops, and encourage creativity through the medium of collage. For World Collage Day 2020, they mailed over two hundred packets of paper cutouts and ephemera to collage artists around the world and posted the resulting collages on their Instagram. “Until the pandemic hit, we had about 15 to 20 artists at our monthly meetings from various backgrounds,” Winkel writes. “Some members are experienced collage artists, but many are just beginning to explore the medium of collage.”

untitled collage by Dawn Hudson. Courtesy of the artist.


The collective’s mission is to foster and support interest in the art of collage through local gatherings, online collaborations, and by featuring collage artists from Arizona and beyond on their Instagram page.


To join a meeting, you can follow the link below to the group’s page. Follow on Instagram and post work using #arizonacollagecollective to be featured on their page.


The collective holds online meetings every Wednesday evening that are open to all artists. During COVID-19, these are taking place virtually.

World Collage Day Packets
The group works throughout the year to gather ephemera and cut images for collage packets that are mailed in honor of World Collage Day. In 2020, they mailed over 200 packets of paper cutouts and ephemera to collage artists around the world and posted the resulting collage on their Instagram.



untitled collage by Ilona Halderman. Courtesy of the artist.