Centro de Estudios del Collage

Lucy in the Sky by Manos de Iris
digital collage; 2020. Courtesy of artist.

Centro de Estudios del Collage



“Material fragility, a diverse world, the appropriation of images and constant change as premises derived from the social outbreak in Chile and the current pandemic, create the need to trace, connect and make visible collage in Chile. This is how the Centro de Estudios del Collage was born.” The group is a creation of collagist and filmmaker Marco Antonio Núñez. Joining this mission are actress and collagist Constanza Sepúlveda-Manos de Iris and professor of biology and collagist Emilio Fuentes Traverso, philosophy professor George Lembach, graphic designer Anibal Toro Figueroa, and collagist and journalist Andrea Valderrama Yevilao, and sociocultural anthropologist and dancer Omar Campos. Together, they “invite collagists with a common vision to write the Chile’s history of collage.”

“We believe that CECOLL is a space that is built together, so good ideas are always welcome,” Núñez writes. “We generally research a motif and expose it to the community through an article and a conversation with the protagonists. We exposed the history of the collages stolen during the civic-military dictatorship. The conversation was with Amalá Saint Pierre, granddaughter and researcher of one of the makers of these collages. We celebrated collage and death, with the anthropologists Jazmin Cerbello and Constanza S. Gomez. We create links with different disciplines such as pedagogy, philosophy, music and anthropology. In this sense, we reflect on the use and decontextualization of iconic images that are part of a global collective imagination.”

Vanidades by Anibal Toro Figueroa
7.48″x7.48″; handmade collage; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


The mission of CECOLL is “to construct a possible history of non-linear collage that rescues our fragmented memory, with an emphasis on our images and sociocultural processes linked to appropriationist artistic practices that are based on the creation of new images.”


Anyone is invited to join a lecture, write an article, or propose a topic. Contact CECOLL through social media or their website. Events take place in Spanish.


Workshops & Lectures
Once a month, the group hosts a “Creative Dialogue” where they “reflect on the scope of collage in different areas of life.”

CECOLL is in the process of creating the first collage anthology of Chilean collage.



Evolución(no) by Emilio Fuentes Traverso
13.77×19.68″; photographic printing on Epson Premium Photoluster paper (260 grams), papers and pictures from magazines. Courtesy of the artist.