Italian Collagists Collective

Untitled by Floriana di Giorgio
9.4″x9″; analog collage; 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

Italian Collagists Collective



The Italian Collagists Collective, whose motto is “Vision, Art, Revolution, Change”, was conceived and created in December 2020 by the artist Roberta Guarna, who serves as an artistic director of the collective alongside the group’s artistic partner, Maestro Miguel Gomez, Director of the International Biennial of Art in Bari, Italy.


The Italian Collagists Collective aims to create relationships, projects, workshops, exhibitions, and collaborations, working with analog collage artists from Italy and around the world.

The collective’s values include courage, dignity, coherence, intellectual honesty, social solidarity, integration, justice, loyalty, honesty, respect, humility , gratitude, and passion.

The group’s goals are to bring attention to the technique of analog collage, and to make it accessible to all, even the most fragile parts of society.

Città Invisible by Valentina Cozzi
17.7″x12.5″; analog collage; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


To participate, you can share high resolution images of your analog collage with their Instagram account using their hashtag #italiancollagistscollective. Be sure to include caption information including title, size, year, technique and material.

You can email them about your workshops, exhibitions, events, and any other useful initiatives, including information about your own local collectives, so that Italian Collagists Collective can support and share through its communication channels.


In addition to sharing the work of Italian collage artists on their social media, the collective is planning two exhibitions in Bari, Italy in collaboration with the Biennial International of Contemporary Art in Bari.

They also plan to create a map of each analog collage artist currently working in Italy.



Città sono by Maddalena Notardonato
11.6″x8.2″; analog collage; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.