Amsterdam Collage Collective

DIVING DEEP by Kaya Kolodziejczyk
7.8″x5.9″; paper, glue, watercolor paint; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

Amsterdam Collage Collective

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Collage as a form of artistic expression has existed in The Netherlands for the greater part of the twentieth century, and likely earlier. Noticing the lack of a central platform for the community of collage artists in The Netherlands to showcase their work and interact, Annelise Hewitt founded the Amsterdam Collage Collective in November 2020. Since then their membership has grown to 150 artists and continues to grow each day.


The Amsterdam Collage Collective’s three main goals are to be a community of support and social resources for collage artists, to showcase collage made by artists in or from The Netherlands, and through bi-weekly prompts, spark creativity globally, by inspiring and cultivating collage and artistic communities locally.

Water Mechanic by Annelise Hewitt
23.6″x15.7″; photograph on paper and acrylic; 2019. Courtesy of the artist.


Follow the collective on Instagram and get inspired to make collages based on their themes, which are posted every other week. The collective invites artists to submit one collage per theme by tagging them on Instagram when you post your work.


Every other week Amsterdam Collage Collective presents a new theme in what they call “Collage Game” that serves to inspire artists. Every artist in or from The Netherlands that submits a collage (limit one collage per artist) based on a specific theme will be showcased on their Instagram.

In the coming years they would like to safely have in-person collage making groups in cities throughout The Netherlands and would also like to showcase their themed collective collages together in an exhibition setting.



Untitled by Chantal van Riel
3.5″x4.7″; paper and glue; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.