The Kut-uPs

untitled by Johnny Brewton
2019. Courtesy of the artist.

The Kut-uPs

San Francisco, California, USA


The Kut-uPs, established in 2014, is an international art movement founded by Johnny Brewton to promote, by means of collage technique, the disfiguration and beautification of the mundane. The Kut-uPs manifesto is written by Johnny Brewton and Dan Melchior.


The manifesto reads as follows, “We shall resurrect from heaps of newspaper, discards, advertisements, punched tickets, the Sunday Times and give them a new life, a 2nd chance. The otherwise unwanted, abused and orphaned medium shall be taken in and given a warm place to sleep. We’re not satisfied with the existing form, image, media manipulation and propaganda. The materials must be scrambled and reassembled to render new ideas. Shift in perspective will give way to allow unfettered consciousness to emerge.”

Splintered Metal Sky by Johnny Brewton. Courtesy of the artist.


The group includes 25 members from various disciplines; musicians, painters, photographers, filmmakers, garbage collectors, poets, printmakers, mechanics, writers, pet owners, designers, social scientists and chimney sweeps.


To join, dangerous initiation is required. Send correspondence or mail-art to PO Box 170488, San Francisco, CA 94117 USA.


The group has had their work shown in gallery exhibitions and renegade street exhibits. They’ve created catalogs and zines. And they’ve organized mail-art projects, gatherings and happenings.



The Kut-uPs Collage Exhibition 2019 at Rochester Contemporary. Courtesy of the collective.