El Club de Collage

Collage from the series “Razgado” by El Club de Collage
2019. Courtesy of the artists.

El Club de Collage

Quito, Ecuador


The group was founded in 2017 after finding around 30 old fashioned magazines called “Vanidades”. They invited some friends to use them for collage and never stopped. They have been meeting every week for 2 years.


El Club de Collage’s main goal is to provide a quick and fun outlet for the creative energy shared among the members. Living in a time where we are bombarded with images all the time, the group addresses the need to use them and re-imagine and re-signify them. Collage making sessions aim to create a safe environment for dialogue about different subjects that would be difficult to speak about in daily life. They plan to keep the community growing and communicating with as many as they can.

Collage from the “Vulnerable” series by El Club de Collage
2018. Courtesy of the artists.


El Club de Collage has been working with La Nube Casa Cultural: a penthouse located on San Francisco Street in the North-Central part of Quito. The space is available for exhibitions, workshops, meetings, lipsync nights, movie nights, etc.


To get involved, you can join their weekly collage sessions, create your work and share it with them online, or send them a message with interest in creating something. El Club de Collage is always open to collaborate with anyone willing to do so.


Weekly Meet-Up
El Club de Collage hosts weekly collage making sessions in exchange for materials of any kind from the participants. In 2020 they are exploring the topic of Deconstruction.

The group has created workshops in different cultural centers in Quito. They were involved in an LGBTQ week at PLAYhouse and created “cucas”, old fashioned dolls made out of paper with cut-out outfits for them. They also joined up with La Ortiga to create collage sessions over recycled materials such as glass, flooring, tiles, etc. culminating in an exhibition.



Collage from the series “Playhouse” by El Club de Collage
2019. Courtesy of the artist.