COUPEE Collage Collective

World Collage Atlas by Nina Llorens Peters
Courtesy of the artist.

COUPEE Collage Collective

Brussels, Belgium


For World Collage Day 2018, Bram Antheunis and Brunhilde Borms invited 24 Belgian contemporary collage artists to turn the beautiful antique cell phone booths at the Brussels railway station into small art galleries. The response from artists and visitors were overwhelming, so they decided to turn their occasional activities into a more professional platform. The name of the expo, coupee, became their group name, and they found the designer Gert Dooreman to design their logo.


COUPEE wants to be the starting point in the discovery of the flourishing scene of Belgian contemporary collage art. For the art lover, by offering an overview of the various collage related activities that are organized everywhere in Belgium, and a selection of the finest artists, curated by COUPEE. For young, starting artists, by offering them a platform based on temporary projects. For more renowned collage artists by bringing them into contact with each other and museums.

COUPEE focuses primarily on analogue collage art, but wants to continue to build bridges to all possible contemporary interpretations of collage art.

Collage by Jesse Willems
Courtesy of the artist.


Any artist who is interested can spontaneously present themselves at COUPEE to be included in their ever-growing list of contemporary collage artists. Depending on the project, a broad call is launched, or COUPEE curates the participants themselves.


World Collage Day
COUPEE organized two very popular exhibitions for World Collage Day. In the 2018 edition, the old telephone booths of the most visited train station in Belgium were transformed into 24 mini galleries of Belgian collage artists, and in 2018 they asked 180 artists worldwide to transform a vintage world atlas into a World Collage Atlas. The 360 unique collages were exhibited for the first time at World Collage Day 2019, and are now embarking on a journey around the world to places that are interested in exhibiting the atlas.

For the third edition of World Collage Day, COUPEE enters into a collaboration with the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent, which makes the link between psychiatry, outsider art and contemporarily relevant social themes. Expect a link with the archive material, the own collection, lectures, workshops and much more!

Curated Exhibitions
For the Belgian Contemporary Collage exhibition, COUPEE and Verbeke Foundation joined forces, and selected 18 promising and talented artists. By presenting their work at the Verbeke Foundation, old and new flow together and the century of collage is being revived in a contemporary way.

There are also a few more projects in the starting blocks, such as offering smaller solo exhibitions to starting collage artists, further collaboration with the Verbeke Foundation and more!



Installation of work by David Boon, selected artist of BCC#1
Courtesy of the artist.