Collage Artists of America

Collage Artists of America

Studio City, California, USA


Originally known as California Collagists, Collage Artists of America was founded in 1988 by nine women artists from Los Angeles who sought to explore the art of collage and forge a path for collage exhibitions. In 1990, the current name of the organization was adopted and membership grew across the United States.

Today, Collage Artists of America’s membership is worldwide and includes art instructors, mid-career and emerging artists, professional artists who exhibit widely, art students, retirees devoting more time to their art, and those who have an interest in and love for the art of collage.


Collage Artists of America’s mission is to promote interest and participation in, and the study, appreciation and support of, collage, assemblage and related mixed-media art by providing resources such as educational programs, instructional workshops, scholarships, and art exhibits to its members and the public.

Members Susan Gesundheit and Elaine Piechowski lecture to Brandeis Group.


Previous guest speakers for general meetings include artists Sydney A. Cross, Georgia Freedman-Harvey, Kathi Flood, Mary Sherwood, Laurie Raskin, Sandy Bleifer and Melinda Smith Altshuler, among others.


Membership in Collage Artists of America promotes stimulating conversation around the arts during general meetings, provides access to innovative speakers, insightful workshops, exhibit opportunities, and a community of like-minded artists passionate about collage. Artists can visit their website to see upcoming and past events, read newsletters, and apply for membership.

Anyone can visit the website, where upcoming and recent exhibits and events are documented. Artists can find CAA on its 6000-member Collage Artists of America Facebook page, where they can join to share their artwork within our community. CAA holds meetings at the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center and welcomes guests at meetings for a $5.00 nominal fee.


Collage Artists of America holds engaging meetings five times a year which feature lectures by guest artists renowned for their work in collage and assemblage.

CAA hosts member and open exhibits annually at venues ranging from galleries and museums to online and alternative spaces. All CAA exhibits are juried by qualified professional artists outside the CAA organization.

In addition, CAA offers workshops, newsletters, studio visits and special events. In an effort to promote the study of collage, each year CAA awards a scholarship to a deserving art student.



Workshop lead by Sylvia Torres.