Morgantown Collage Collective

Memento Mori by Nikola Janevski
Courtesy of the artist.

Morgantown Collage Collective

Morgantown, West Virginia, USA


Morgantown Collage Collective was founded by Nikola Janevski after returning from the first Kolaj Fest in July 2018. They approached the director of the Monongalia Art Center, Ro Brooks, and the group was born. Since then, they have been meeting weekly for close to a year and a half.


The goal of Morgantown Collage Collective has always been to provide a space for artists and art enthusiasts to get together and create collage. They provide all of the supplies so that the meet-ups can remain open and free to all who are interested.

Collage by Nikola Janevski
Courtesy of the artist.


Other active members are Nick Stamm and Elisha Rush, who have been there since the beginning.


Anyone interested can show up to one of their meetings or follow the group on social media.


Weekly Meet-Up
The group has a collage meeting every Wednesday from 5-7PM at the Monongalia Art Center on High Street in Morgantown.

Special Projects
The group has worked on collaborative collages, including a backdrop for a children’s theater group and a large scale interpretation of the Medusa head by Caravaggio.