Free Collage Artists Club

Collage by Nina Freiman
Courtesy of the artist.

Free Collage Artists Club

Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The Free Collage Artists Club was founded 2.5 years ago by artists Irina Mashina, Zoya Gutnik, and Nina Freiman. They started making collages together and soon decided to organize open meetings, master classes, and workshops.


Their goal is to make art and try new ways to express their ideas while sharing it with everybody who is interested in collage.


Anyone can attend their open meetings and other events. They publish all of the information about these events on their social media channels.

Collage by Irina Mashina
Courtesy of the artist.


The group organizes events in libraries and other common spaces, sometimes with a theme or a challenge, where people are invited to work on collage alongside each other.

They’ve participated in several international collage projects such as El Fiambre Fabuloso, The Collage Garden in Moscow, Mailart Krugovert, World Collage Day, Kurt Schwitters Army, and the largest Russian collage exhibition during Cut and Glue FEST, organized by the Cut and Glue community during the summer of 2019.

In addition to creating zines together, they also held their own exhibition, “No Time To Explain,” which took place in February 2020 at Garden, a café in the center of Saint-Petersburg.



Collage by Zoya Gutnik
Courtesy of the artist.