Kyiv Collage Collective

Spring 2022 by Katya Lisova
digital collage, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

Kyiv Collage Collective

Kyiv, Ukraine


The KYIV COLLAGE COLLECTIVE (KCC) was founded in January 2021 by artist Annete Sagal. She was eager to find a community in her home country, Ukraine, and found “the right thing at the right time.” In a week, the collective had 200+ active followers, including collage artists from various cities of Ukraine and other countries. Since then KCC has been building a great community of collage lovers and organizing online and offline workshops and exhibitions.


The collective aims to discover collage artists from Ukraine, give them a platform to meet international artists, and popularize collage art in Ukraine.

Outdoors by Taras Stepoviy
8.3″x11.7″; analog collage; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.


To participate, share your collage artwork on Instagram and tag @kyivcollage using the hashtags #kyivcollage and #kyivcollagecollective for a chance to be featured.

The collective also welcomes messages about possible collaboration.


In addition to featuring artists on their Instagram page, the collective also organizes events, workshops, and exhibitions. These initiatives include the CUTOUT COLLAGE FESTIVAL (Ukraine, 2021), the opening of the CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, several collaborations with Art Therapy Lab and the School of Visual Arts New York, and “Stick Together with Kyiv,” an international street collage project in support of Ukraine in collaboration with Project Paper Nation. In 2023, the collective opened the KYIV COLLAGE SCHOOL, an educational space that caters to collage artists.



Building by Maria Shapranova
mixed media collage, sketchbook; 2022. Courtesy of the artist.