Sharp Hands Gallery

Kimono by Michael Toti
Courtesy of the artist.

Sharp Hands Gallery

Online | Portland, Oregon | Seattle, Washington


Sharp Hands was created and launched in the summer of 2020 partly in response to the fact that people were not able to see art in person at galleries or other public venues during the COVID lockdown. Even with most galleries open and running again, they plan to continue hosting these online shows. Sharp Hands is curated by Pacific Northwest-based collage artists Kevin Sampsell and Cheryl Chudyk, with occasional guest curators.


Sharp Hands was created to give collage its own exclusive venue, where viewers can see work by artists from all over the world that surprises, distorts, rearranges, energizes, and stretches the limits of hand-made assemblages.

Mirror Water by Andrea Burgay
Courtesy of the artist.


The gallery reaches out to artists when curating their shows. People are welcome to email them to suggest themselves or other artists.

You can see what they’re doing by visiting their website.


The gallery curates and posts a new show three times a year on their website. They also help organize in-person collage making events and talks.

So far they have published nine shows and have hosted collage making events in Portland and Seattle.



Elements of the Earth VI by Irene Febry
Courtesy of the artist.