National Collage Society

Multiple Intelligences by Amy Schade
30″x30″; marker, acrylic, handmade paper; 2019
Courtesy of the artist.

National Collage Society

Hudson, Ohio, USA


Gretchen Bierbaum met Mario Cooper in 1981 when he visited Ohio from New York City where he managed the American Watercolor Society. She told him she planned to start a collage group because the medium was not allowed in any art organization and not listed as a medium in any competitions. He told her to do it before anyone else may conceive of the idea. In 1982, the National Collage Society was founded by Bierbaum with a Federal ID and incorporated in Ohio as a non-profit art education foundation, the first one in the USA.


The goal of the National Collage Society is to foster the appreciation and interest in the recognized medium of collage. Collage has only been defined as a fine art during the 20th Century. The National Collage Society, Inc advances the stature of collage as a major art medium and assists in educating the public through exhibits, workshops, lectures and publications.

Plain Sailing Weather by Gwen Waight
28″x18″x12″; beach finds, mirrors, sail, wood, old hardware, candy wrappers; 2019
Courtesy of the artist.


The become a member of National Collage Society or to see what they’re doing you can visit their website.


National Collage Society offers two exhibits annually to any artists internationally. The Annual Juried Exhibit is the most prestigious, with university art professors using it for tenure tract. A full color catalog is published when the exhibit is not online.

The second exhibit is the Small Format one, offered without a jury. Mail art started in the 1960’s with Ray Johnson sending collages directly through the Post Office. The National Collage Society postcard-sized collages are mounted for shipping in envelopes to a different university or small museum gallery each year.



Daydream by Janice McDonald
10″x10″; paper strips on panel; 2019
Courtesy of the artist.