Rochester Community Collage

Buffet a collaboration of Robert Frank, Kameron, JJ Pelechaty, and Joseph Paladino
11″x8.5″; 2020. Courtesy of the artists.

Rochester Community Collage

Rochester, New York, USA


Realizing that community is the only way to make positive change for each other, two collage lovers, JJ Pelechaty and Joseph Paladino started a safe place where folks can meet and make art unapologetically. “We have over twenty members that love collage,” they write. “From hobbyists, to art teachers, to tattoo artists, we have exemplary passion that runs through us all. Out of our two founders, one is a full-time artist while the other is the ‘Cut Queen’ of Rochester, always showing folks how to make small cuts using only scissors.’


“Together we welcome folks of all walks of life to find acceptance through art and community.”

Secret by JJ Pelechaty
11″x11″; tissue paper, photograph; 2019. Courtesy of the artist.


To join, contact them via email or social media. “Anyone who has visited us in the past, or wishes to in the future will always be considered a member in good standing. We formed to support each other and make a safe space. All are welcome.”


In response to COVID-19, the group is distance-meeting to collaborate on larger pieces of collage weekly. In the past, they staged exhibitions at art galleries and local establishments and worked together to submit pieces to The Collage Gardens in New York, Hong Kong, and Denver. The group is moving into their first art studio as a group soon, which will allow them to participate in Rochester’s first Friday events and present exhibitions.



A select group got together to remember their recently passed member, Nyk, and make a collage in his honor.