Vision Coven

Watermelon Sugar by Michelle Arno
digital; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

Vision Coven

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA


Jasmine Romani-Romero founded the group in January 2020 when she created an Instagram account and reached out to Jersey City artists. There are currently five members total: Jasmine Romani-Romero, Kiki Buccini, Michelle Arno, Erin Kuhn and Michelle Ricci.


Vision Coven aims to unite collage artists with a magical twist in North America. They believe collage is one of the most inclusive and accessible art forms; collage encourages diversity, and discourages exclusivity. As a collective, they share techniques, tips and materials as well as inspire and empower each other through collaboration. The club is a fun way to create and complete personal or community-oriented projects that focus on positive growth.

In Chrysalis by Jasmine Romani-Romero
digital; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


Jasmine Romani-Romero is a Peruvian-American collagist from South Florida living in Jersey City. After spending years as a freelance illustrator, music photographer and videographer in Miami, her focus switched to collage in 2017. Inspired by music and magic, she seeks to create whimsical works that explore the occult, mythology, feminism and transformation. Now working under the pseudonym Primcess, she founded and currently runs Vision Coven.

Kiki Buccini is a Jersey City based collage artist who has shown at several art galleries over the past 5 years. Cutpasteface is the pseudonym Kiki Buccini uses for her collages. A lucid dreamer, empath and humanist, her subject matters are influenced by surrealism and social issues. Her work attempts to take a crack at the human experience; the solitary paths we all must take, yet share in commonality the struggles and challenges we all face.

Michelle Arno is a California-based artist with a love for color and magic. Her experiences creating art, and collage art especially, often feel spiritual, with the universe guiding her on a cosmic journey. Always experimenting and trying new things, Michelle’s styles and mediums change day to day. Her biggest focus, however, is collage art, both analog and digital, sometimes even both.

Erin Kuhn is an interdisciplinary mixed-media artist living and working in New Jersey. She is best known for layering dark conceptual themes under bright and cheerful color palettes. She studied at Parsons School of Design before her undergraduate degree. She earned her BFA in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2006. After graduating, she exhibited in group and solo shows, and has created murals and bodies of work in public and private collections. She has been awarded many juried exhibitions for her art, which utilizes color and allegorical keys that explore concepts within syncretism, feminism, gender politics, queer identity and art history.

Michelle Ricci is a fine art photographer & visual artist splitting her time between New Jersey & New York City. A graduate of The School of Visual Arts, she uses her background in photography, sculpting and mixed media to further produce a bold body of work, creating reenactments of domestic violence, abuse, anxiety, & emotional turmoil using collaging techniques. Recently, she has begun work on a series delving further into mental illness. She is also a member of Soho Photo Gallery in Tribeca and the very witchy Vision Coven.


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Open Calls
The group has ongoing calls for art that they post on Instagram. Anyone is welcome to submit.

Virtual Exhibitions
The group held a virtual exhibit in April 2020. “IN CHRYSALIS” was an exploration of mental states, self-confrontation and transformation.

“We only had one in-person meet up before the lockdown, so all of our meetings have been online.” The group holds monthly meet ups via Zoom for anyone interested where you can collage, chat, or watch a collage documentary and discuss.



Houseplant Lady by Kiki Buccini
10″x8″; paper; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.