Paris Collage Collective

untitled collage by Georgi Maekaneku. Courtesy of the artist.

Paris Collage Collective

Paris, France


The Paris Collage Collective was founded in 2018 by Petra Zehner who shares her experience of the group:

“I founded PCC myself and am running it alone except for occasional on/off help from a handful of people. The participation in both weekly challenges and open calls is very high. During the height of confinement, we had up to 500 weekly collage submissions for the challenge alone.”

“There is, as of today, no official membership and I’m not sure that’s going to change. The idea is to encourage creative expression in general, no matter the background or skill level of each person. No pressure. No obligations. No judgement. As a result, the community is very diverse, from housewives and grandmothers to art and design professionals.”


Paris Collage Collective wants to connect both local and global artists on a more personal level than what is possible on social media platforms alone. Through collaborations and creative projects they want to help build meaningful connections between like-minded people that go further than likes and shares.

“We believe in mutual respect and support and giving credit where credit is due. Always! We believe in diversity and openness. We value authenticity. We believe in creativity as a journey and learning with and from each other.”

untitled collage by Lucia Yanguas. Courtesy of the artist.


The Collective is open to everyone, and not limited to French artists. Challenges and Open Calls are free to join. Information can be found on their website.


Weekly Challenges
The Collective has hosted weekly creative challenges since January 2019. Participants are encouraged to create a collage or mixed media piece based on a new image prompt provided every Monday on the group’s website.

Open Calls
They host regular, themed Open Calls (for example for International Earth Day, International Women’s Day, etc.), which are posted on the group’s website.

The Collective organizes events, workshops and meetups, however, these activities are on hiatus due to COVID-19 and will restart once the pandemic is over.

The collective publishes interviews with collage and other artists.



untitled collage by Trina Hsieh. Courtesy of the artist.