Special Agent Collage Collective

Have I Cracked the Code by Ian Tothill aka Special Agent 024
6″x6″; paper; 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

Special Agent Collage Collective

Carnation, Washington, USA


The collective began as a kit-based collage project posted on Instagram in August 2021. Materials were mailed to anyone who requested them and Special Agent status (membership) was granted to everyone who completed the first mission.

The collective was founded by Andrea Lewicki aka Agent 001.


SACC was created to interact with other collage artists and enjoy shared art-making with a generous dose of silliness.

Agent 001 writes, “Don’t let the intrigue and dark sunglasses fool you. Underneath it all we are a somewhat nerdy group of collagists who never stop being amazed at what magic can unfold from a few scraps of paper, a sharp blade, and a fresh glue stick. The compulsion to cut and paste is strong with us.”

Untitled by Inga Markstrom aka Special Agent 010
6″x6″; paper; 2021


As of May 2022, there are 70+ members from nine countries who encompass a wide range of styles and approaches. We have longtime hobbyists, college students, authors, filmmakers, scientists, accomplished professional artists, and collage newcomers.


You can join the collective by responding to mission calls when they are announced. A membership card and Special Agent number are issued once a completed mission or collage challenge is submitted. The collective enthusiastically welcomes new members. There are no dues or submission fees, although HQ gratefully accepts contributions to cover postage and supplies.


There is almost always an open mission that can be joined by anyone. There are also monthly collage hangouts and a community newsletter. The collective’s zine, The Dossier, is published in print once a year and digitally at least twice a year.

SACC members have previously participated in theme-based collage challenges, public art drops, and a secret collage exchange that culminated in the first issue of their zine, The Dossier.



Professor Ot and His Telecommunication Android by Orhan Mansuroglu aka Special Agent 046
8″x5″; paper; 2022