Waverley Collage Makers

Untitled by Anonymous
Courtesy of the artist.

Waverley Collage Makers

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


The group was formed five years ago through a regular program event offered by Waverley Library. Founded by a librarian who is also a member of the Sydney Collage society. The program is offered to anyone for free, interested in collage making. Currently only offered in-house and not online.


The group explores different themes and styles each week in a relaxed environment. Their aim is to promote the alternative art form to a broader community and promote the library’s art programs in general. Offering free community programs to everyone.

Flower Power by Carla
paper; 2021. Courtesy of the artist.


The group has a dedicated bunch of collage makers and local community members who love the art form. The group mainly consists of retirees who are looking for quality, fun, creative programs accessible in the day time hours.


Anyone can join the group. The classes are targeted for teens and adults. Other artists are welcome to attend or if they are interested to run a class, please contact the library.

They often promote the work on their Facebook. Artists also promote their work on Instagram using the hashtag #waverleycollagemakers.


Current activities include exploring new styles of collage each week. Running a weekly collage making class in the day, and also a once a month night class. They plan on making the international World Collage Day a bigger event for their calendar of events going forward.

For the past 3 years the group has run an end of year exhibition in the library gallery space, inviting community members to regard collage as a fine art and encouraging them to come to next years classes.



Patchwork Face by Wendy
paper, magazines; 2021. Courtesy of the artist.