The International Directory of Collage Communities

Cover image: The Finite Art of Manufacturing Expansion #6 by Ben DiNino
11”x8.5”; collaged paper; 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

The International Directory of Collage Communities

by Kolaj Institute

Collage is unique in the larger art world in that communities and collectives play an important role in the production and promotion of the art form. Collage groups organize exhibitions, run online calls to artists, facilitate exchange across borders. While the presence of these groups is felt, who they are, how they function, and how they are evolving over time is poorly understood. That is starting to change. 

The 104-page International Directory of Collage Communities is a survey of collage networks, guilds, communities, and projects as well as online efforts and groups focused on collage research. For each community, the directory presents their key activities, mission, how to join, and a bit of their history. Copious images illustrate the book.

The International Directory of Collage Communities represents the culmination of a year of work investigating and exploring groups of artists who come together around the idea of collage. It is the result of Kolaj Institute’s effort to survey and document collage collectives, meet-ups, ongoing collaborative projects, and groups whose focus and mission involves collage as a medium or genre in some way. 

The Directory is both a historical document and a useful tool for those wanting to connect with collage communities around the world.

The front and back covers feature collage from Ben DiNino’s series, “The Finite Art of Manufacturing Expansion”. Made between September and December 2018, DeNino’s collages “were created using only vintage 1960s and 70s advertisements for The Austin Company, a group focusing on warehouse and manufacturing design and construction.” DiNino is one of the founders of the Twin Cities Collage Collective in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

The International Directory of Collage Communities
by Kolaj Institute
9”x6”; 104 pages
softcover; illustrated
ISBN: 978-1-927587-49-2
$20.00 US/$26.50 CANADA
Published by Maison Kasini Canada, Montreal, Quebec; 2020

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