Manila Collage Collective

Tagong Hapdi (Hidden Pain) by Meg Rollan
7″x13″; mixed media; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

Manila Collage Collective

Manila, Philippines


Inspired by several collage communities popping up abroad, and with no unified collage group in the Philippines, Manila Collage Collective was founded in July 2020 by Abigail Hong along with Grace Rogado and Michael Lorenzana.


The goal of Manila Collage Collective is to be at the forefront in the collage scene in the Philippines. The group aims to build up the local collage community and connect the artists to a bigger and broader audience. They’re here to inspire people to make collage and to keep fanning their flames.

Collage Garden II by Ab Hong
8.2″x5.8″; old magazines; 2018. Courtesy of the artist.


Other artists can get involved with Manila Collage Collective by messaging them on Instagram or sending them an email. You can also use the hashtag #manilacollagecollective to be featured on their Instagram page. The group prioritizes local artists, with over 50 members who are Filipino collage artists.


Manila Collage Collective posts the work of local artists on their Instagram page in addition to announcing open calls and upcoming events.

The group recently joined Art in the Park PH, one of the country’s largest art markets. In February 2021 they rounded up 12 willing collage artists for the event, exhibited 100 artworks, and sold almost everything.



Pocket Girls III by Vida Naraga
12″x12″; digital collage; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.