Get Your ART Together


Get Your ART Together

at Cafe Istanbul, Wednesday, July 10th, 2019, 11AM to 3PM

How to make a living as an artist? How to get your work seen? How to get gigs? How to get an exhibition? How to get reviewed? How to make a life for yourself as an artist? What does that even mean? Every year countless organizations produce career and business workshops for artists that cover everything from money management to website building to marketing strategy. The problem is that making a living as an artist is an idiosyncratic, non-linear journey where success can be ill defined, elusive, and ever changing.

In this pre-Kolaj Fest New Orleans session, we offer a different approach to this subject. In this four-hour workshop, artists will come together as a group of professionals to exchange stories and strategies. The workshop is structured to address three key parts of an artist’s life: voice, practice, and career.

In part one, we will hear from artists who found their voice and speak confidently about their artwork and gain insight on how they learned to do that. Participants will have an opportunity to review their own artwork and get feedback from others.

In part two, we will hear from artists who have an established and articulated practice. We will explore how an artist makes a connection between their materials, influences, ideas, methodology, and purpose and then expresses that to other professionals and viewers.

In part three, we will hear from art professionals about what they look for when reviewing exhibition proposals, applications for residencies, grants, or are considering working with an artist. We will hear from an art writer about how they decide who to review and an art collector about what they want from the artists whose work they purchase.

In each part we will ask, how do you pay for it? How do you make it happen?

This session is intended for any artist who wants to take a moment to think about their art and make some decisions about how to manage it to better serve their goals and their community. Our hope is that artists will end the session armed with information and skills for solving the problems they encounter moving forward. Participants will meet other artists who they can turn to for mutual support.

Note: This workshop is open to any artist, regardless of the medium they work in. Artists from New Orleans are particularly welcome to join us.

The cost of the workshop is $10, free for those registered for Kolaj Fest New Orleans.


If you are registered for Kolaj Fest New Orleans, this event is included in your registration, but you must pre-register. A code will be emailed to you. If you need a code, send an EMAIL to request one.