Aleksandra Hawley

8″x8″; found paper and pencil on cardboard; 2014

Aleksandra Hawley
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada


I start from a found image where I am compelled to feel a seed of an unexplored landscape of the mind or soul in a material image. The geography of physical presence, the human body and its endless expressions of loss, fragility, vulnerability and imagining perfection lend themselves to what I do with paper. More often than not, pencil, oil pastels and acrylics offer additional resources.

There are days and weeks when there are no collages I am happy with. And happiness is defined by that particular moment when paper speaks to my yearning for expressing just the right combination of vulnerability, loss or redemption. I find paper, I intervene and it speaks to me. I have exhibited in juried shows and am looking towards an exhibit of my collages in Amsterdam in November 2014.


My life is a sequence of unexpected and somewhat mitigated images. After studies in architectural engineering, I delved into Art History and received an MA in the Social History of Art. I curated contemporary art exhibitions, wrote catalogues and basically tried hard to mediate artists’ statements in galleries and museums in Europe.

Continuing on a project of digitizing art galleries and museums of Canada, I was struck by the fact that my endless settling and resettling brought about a melancholy absence of a stable environment from which I would lend an unobstructed critique of the “other” artist language. My language of exploring the ever changing environment of languages and landscapes became my collage work.


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The Mess
10″x10″; found paper and sandpaper on cardboard; 2014

Relocated Landscape
12″x12″; found paper, pencil on paper; 2014

May Have Been
10″x 10″; paper, acrylic, ink on board; 2013

Altered Book Cover
5″x7″; collage, pencil, oil pastel; 2014