Audrey Smith

8″x8′; Paper, pencil, acrylic on panel; 2011

Audrey Smith
Towson, Maryland, USA


My work is an introspective and process-oriented experiment in combining disparate media to create an entirely new and unique visual context. I enjoy working with patterned papers, vintage and antique imagery, color, and texture. I don’t approach my work with a narrative in mind, rather I let the varied scraps on my work table speak to me. As I work on a collage the composition unfolds before me, which I find to be the most thrilling aspect of the process. My work tends to be rather small (under a foot in any direction) since I like to work quickly, and will usually have multiple collages going at a time.


Audrey Smith is based out of Baltimore, Maryland. She earned a BA in Art from Towson University in 2003, where she studied sculpture and ceramics. Around 2007, Audrey began creating collages in a Moleskine sketchbook as a creative exercise. This creative exercised quickly blossomed and collage became the central focus of Audrey’s work. Her work has evolved from simple abstract compositions to a more narrative and surrealistic style. She combines vintage and antique medical and science illustration, photographs, and advertising with rich colour, patterns, and type. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and Europe, and has been published in a variety of books and periodicals.


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10″x8″; vintage ephemera, various scraps, pencil, and acrylic on board; 2014

6″x6″; vintage ephemera, transparencies, washi tape, acrylic on paper; 2013