Bonniediva Shorr

I Miss Your Laugh
4″x6″; paper; 2021

Bonniediva Shorr
Gurnee, Illinois, USA


Bonniediva Shorr (know as simply “Bonniediva”) is primarily a multi-media collage artist, specializing in small pieces, altered postcards, zines, and Mail Art. She has been featured in Mail Art shows, visual art shows, and collaborations all over the world. Her work, mostly using repurposed, vintage, and antique materials, is colorful and whimsical, as well as humorous and satirical.


Bonniediva was born and raised in New Orleans, and has lived and worked in Baltimore, Los Angeles, and now in the Chicago area. She has a fine arts degree from Tulane University, a masters in education, and works as an art/special education teacher.


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Monkey with Toaster
4″x6″; altered vintage postcard; 2023
The House of Parliament
4″x6″; altered vintage postcard; 2022
On Every Wild Hope
6″x4″; paper; 2022
4″x6″; paper; 2021