Carole Turini

You Catch Me
6.88″x4.33″; papers and old cover; 2022

Carole Turini
Nyon, Switzerland


Passionately curious, to me artistic expression has always been essential. First with photography and writing, then with collage. With the art of collage, I am like Alice in Wonderland: I immerse myself in a world of infinite possibilities. Surrealist painters including Dalí and Magritte are also great sources of inspiration; illustration and graphic design, too.

I practice analogue collage, exploring and cutting magazines and books. I sometimes add other elements, like thread. Mixing old papers, like postcards, photographs and illustrations, with new papers is also a beautiful process who often creates rich interpretations; however, I am very cautious with original old photographs, no cutting, only adding elements.

In essence, I like the idea of taking the viewer to the other side of the mirror in order to discover a dreamlike, surreal and poetic universe with always a hidden meaning, a message or a touch of humor.


Born in Geneva of Italian and French ancestry, Carole Turini studied the history of art and photography at the University of Geneva. Then, parallel her professional activity in the world of fashion, she dedicated her leisure time to the practice of black/white photography (then color) and development in the darkroom, doing several exhibitions.

Since she set up her studio in summer 2020, her collage practice is now daily. Her work was published in 2022 in SOLO Collage Italia by Psicografici Editore; the World Collage Day 2022 Special Edition; The Postcard Book by Polaroids Collage Club; Paris Collage Collective Year Book 2021; Photo Trouvée Magazine Issue 7; and Future by Fragmented Collective; in 2021, in Surrealist Dreams by Paris Collage Collective; Play and Record by Edinburgh Collage Collective; and Transitional MOMENTS by Arizona Collage Collective & Kolaj Institute.

In a nod to the world of fashion, twice a year she creates capsule (limited) collections of tote bags, cases and notebooks with her collages printed on them.


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9.44″x6.69″; papers; 2022
6.88″x4.33″; papers and old cover; 2022
Unstructured Oversize
6.88″x4.33″; papers and old cover; 2022
Miss Pretty Bunny
6.88″x4.33″; papers and old cover; 2022