JP Wenner

10″x8″; digital collage; 2023

JP Wenner
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Bordering between the everyday and the surreal, JP Wenner uncovers the internalized struggles of daily life through the amalgamated images of his digital collages. What began as a passion for the experimental realms of film evolved into a desire to reconceive the way we perceive the world around us through images. With a keen eye and instinctual hand, he began manipulating fragmented images, people, places, and objects in an organic manner. Similar to the sensation when the pieces of a puzzle perfectly interlock, he masterfully arranges his compositions until they reveal a feeling of cohesion.

Within his work, the human face and body contort. Dropped in unorthodox scenes, brought to life in peculiar composites, and intensified through an array of emotionally evocative palettes, Wenner creates scenes that unexpectedly resonate with viewers. Through his combinations of imagery, his work speaks to our personal struggles brought on by external forces, worldly issues, and even the weight of our own minds. As an artist who battles with issues of mental health, he is acutely aware of the complexities and
nuances that plague the human condition. In a catharsis of creation, Wenner embarks on an investigation of the mind and how it often distorts our understanding of the world around us as well as ourselves.


I’m an artist based out of Minneapolis. My focus is on digital collage as it allows me to play around with images without any plan. My mind is often chaotic, so I just adjust and mix images until it “feels right.”
Kind of like a puzzle piece. I know it’s done when my head feels whole again.

Originally, I started my art journey in film school. Experimental films, such as Kenneth Anger’s shorts, have been my biggest inspiration. I tried my hand at making movies like those, but it only really clicked for me when I started working with still imagery.

Since I’ve finally started putting my art out there, the collage community has been very welcoming and kind. I now feel like my art does have a place in this world.


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10″x8″; digital collage; 2022
10″x8″; digital collage; 2022
10″x8″; digital collage; 2022
8.5″x5.5″; digital collage; 2022