Swiss Miss (Implosure)
40″x34″; collage on a print of a collage on rag paper; 2015

East Devonport, Tasmania, Australia


As an artist that feels unconstrained by process, I enjoy working freely across media inspired by landscape, language, the human condition and a need to establish a sense of place.

I work intuitively, exploring within that area of creating just below the threshold of consciousness, enjoying layers of colour, texture and meaning.

My work is across media including collage, encaustic, assemblage, painting, textiles and other.


I am an artist living and working in Tasmania, Australia with an open gallery/studio space on the Port.

Having returned to full time art in the last 3 years, I have taken part in group exhibitions around Tasmania, Australia and won awards at the Sheffield Sculpture Prize, the Mancell Art Prize, Tasmanian Art Award at Eskleigh and have been a finalist in various art prizes including the Bay Of Fires (2015 & 2016), the Glover Landscape Prize, Material Girl Tasmania (collage).


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Alfred, Alfred, What Were You Thinking?
7″x6″ (appox.); collage on paper; 2015

Out of Control
7.5″x7.5″; collage on paper; 2015

We Have to Be Somewhere, Somewhere Else
42″x30″; a photo, small collage, watercolour put together and printed on aluminium; 2016

A New Story
12″x8″; collage on paper; 2016

* All collage are taken from a mix of popular and vintage magazines, old drawings/paintings reused, touches of pastel, pen, ink, gold leaf–whatever is required to finish it off. I use only archival materials where most possible.