Taher Jaoui

Beauty and the Beast
9.8″x7.1″; old photographs, paper; 2014

Taher Jaoui
Berlin, Germany


I translate my impulse of the moment in a action with a material. I work on establishing a subconscious dialogue between the composition and my feeling of the present moment. I add elements (colours, shapes or piece of paper) only when I feel emotionally connected in the moment. My technique is based on constructing the composition (in painting and in collage) by layers. I’m influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Berlin street art and African masks. I’ve spent years painting the walls in my flat when I was in acting classes in Paris and in Los Angeles. I was using painting like a tool to unlock my emotions before playing the scene. After having some positive feedback when showing my work, I decided to commit to painting and collage fully. Since 2014, I have exhibited my collages and paintings in the US, Europe, Japan, Tunisia and Morocco.


Taher Jaoui works and lives in Berlin. Born and raised in Tunis, he works mostly on old photographs. Using old photographs and burning a part of them is the idea of rebirth from the ashes. Jaoui paints most of the time, but he likes using collages as a catalyst for his creativity.


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Through the Never
13″x8″; old photographs, paper, dust; 2015

Le Sablier
5″x3″; old photographs, paper, dust; 2015

Time Out
5.9″x4.7″; old photographs, paper, dust; 2015

Family Portrait
4.7″x5.9″; old photographs, paper; 2016