Noah Rice & Nathan Rice

Dreams of Tigers and Dying
11″x8″; cut and paste; 2016

Noah Rice & Nathan Rice
Brooklyn, New York, USA


Our work strives to explore modern mythologies and alternative theories of reality. We also work with elemental themes of lost love, heartache, faith and of course inter dimensional time travel! Ha. With each new series we have a loose narrative that travels throughout the collages tying them together.

We work in analog collage format, cut and paste, scissors and glue. For gallery shows we enlarge our work and do gesso transfers on wood panels finished with a high gloss resin.


Noah Rice and Nathan Rice are twin brothers currently working and residing in Brooklyn, New York. Although on the East Coast now, they grew up in Portland, Oregon and spent many years crafting their artistic style and persona in the Pacific Northwest. They have been collaborating together for over 20 years. Their work of analog (cut and paste) collage includes elements of metaphysics, fantasy and the surreal.

They are represented by the Mark Woolley Gallery in Portland, Oregon. They have shown extensively in Portland, Los Angeles and New York and completed mural projects for the Commodore Hotel and Bishops Barbershop in Portland. Other projects include artwork for Project Accessory apartments and Comune clothing company t-shirt designs.

In the past couple of years, they have completed two bodies of work including “Cherry Park Lane” and “Into the Night” which have both been published in limited editions.

They have also recently worked with the Brooklyn Collage Collective and are preparing for a solo show at the One Grand Gallery of Portland in fall of 2017.


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Million Young
10.5″x8.5″; cut and paste; 2016

12″x10″; cut and paste; 2016

The Promise and How You Left Me Here Alone
7″x10″; cut and paste; 2017

The New Eden
16″x13″; cut and paste; 2016