Hope Kroll

That Should Do It

Hope Kroll
Paso Robles, California, USA


For the past 12 years, I have been dissecting various books and reassembling them to create disturbing collages. I strictly use vintage book materials: no magazines, no scans, no copies. I glean my images from encyclopedias, medical books, books about insects, flowers and machinery. My work started out as flat and strictly confined to the size of the books I found. Now, however, my work is 3D, sometimes coming an inch to a half inch off the paper. Recently, I have expanded the size in which I work by piecing together vintage blank book pages. My cutting is extremely detailed and, at times, the width of my cuts is no bigger than a hair. I have many themes such as birds, machines, and insects.


I received my BFA from the University of Illinois in 1990. I went on to get my MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1992. I have been represented by various galleries in San Francisco, including The Triangle Gallery. I have given lectures about my work and am in shows through out the country. A full bio is available on my website. I have a video on my homepage which describes my technique and shows how I organize my materials. I also have my entire archives of images available. My work has been in several publications as well, which are listed on my website.


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