Lily Landes

Lakes on Mercury

Lily Landes
Brooklyn, New York, USA


Drawing from a variety of materials including found photographs, vintage children’s books and old magazines, Lily’s collages depict dreamy, surreal scenes that are interpretations of real life memories, and the way we piece them together through bits and pieces of remembered imagery, some real and some created. Her collage work has been featured on the blogs, Too Much Art and The Collective Collage.


Lily Landes is a photographer and collage artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She specializes in portraits and is currently working on a series of portraits of folk artists in the United States. Lily began exploring collage in 2012 and found it combined her interests of history, photography, archiving and collecting old books and photographs. As she continues to build a body of collage work, she hopes to be able to share it with a wider audience in the coming year.


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