Jill Allyn Stafford

Hokusai, Hiroshige and Soichi Hasegawa--Study 3 by Jill Allyn Stafford
Hokusai, Hiroshige and Soichi Hasegawa–Study 3
16″x20″; paper, watercolor pencils, tissue paper, acrylic matte medium, acrylic gel medium on wood panel; 2013

Jill Allyn Stafford
Sacramento, California USA


It’s hard for me to characterize my style since I feel like I am constantly evolving and changing. I’d say my work tends more towards the feminine, but with a definite love of line and flow, with somewhat of an urban edge. That being said, I do love creating abstract landscapes as well. My creative process utilizes mostly found paper–sewing patterns, magazines, tissue paper, books, old prints, calendars, etc. Depending on my mood, I either rip the paper; or I create very fine cuts using small, sharp scissors. I use acrylic matte medium as my binding agent, and an acrylic gloss medium as a top coat. I prefer working on either wood panels, or heavy watercolor paper.


I am a self-taught collage artist based out of Sacramento, California. While I stopped creating art as a child, I started again in my early 30’s after my children were born. I felt the need to communicate visually, and collage was the perfect avenue. I started showing my work about 6 years ago, and have been in numerous group shows in local galleries as well as in galleries in New York, Oregon, and Manchester (UK).


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Sailing (A Day at the Beach) by Jill Allyn Stafford
Sailing (A Day at the Beach)
16″x20″; paper, tissue paper, vintage print paper, acrylic matte medium, acrylic gel medium on wood panel; 2013

We Left Our Tobacco Ties In The Mountains by Jill Allyn Stafford
We Left Our Tobacco Ties In The Mountains
3.5″x2.5″; paper on watercolor paper; 2012