Benjamin Brierre

Money Lisa by Benjamin Brierre
Money Lisa
14″x8″; white acrylic, gloss varnish, acrylic paint, paper, marker; 2013

Benjamin Brierre
Andover, Massachusetts USA


The work I create is typically from a lucid part of my mind. Creating, for me, is primarily a way to shut out the loud, overbearing, polluted environment that surrounds us all and bring to light a more natural, organic, mysterious environment. The process of collage is always manic and never pre-meditated.

I use found objects, personal art or pictures, comic books, magazines, old newspapers, fabric and acrylic or other hard plastics as the blank canvas. I like to create some sort of pattern or motion with the collage as to have a foundation for my next layer. The second layer is discovered through prolonged staring at my collage and seeing an image or scene in my head or incorporating an older drawing into the collage. I use gloss varnish, acrylic paint, markers, glue sticks and vinyl to build my collages. The collage is constantly evolving and I never quite know what the finished project will look like, it’s a mutation of sorts.


Benjamin Brierre is a nomadic soul trapped in New England, creating art as frequently as possible to explore other dimensions. He began creating art at a young age in Vermont, where he was born and raised. His first big success as an artist was in 2nd grade, where he won a poster contest, receiving statewide recognition and a Giant mountain bike from the Governor himself, Howard Dean.

Ben continued to aspire to create by enrolling in art classes throughout middle school and high school. He won some more student art awards and had several pieces displayed in a local art gallery, The Chaffee Art Center. From there, he studied at Sage College of Albany graduating with an Associate’s diploma in Graphic Design. Moving back home to Vermont, Ben began working for a grassroots sign shop while doing freelance work on the side. At the sign shop, he obtained many new skills and knowledge about large format printing, vinyl application and fabrication of signage.

Three years at home and yearning for physical and mental exploration, Ben moved down to Massachusetts where he worked for another sign shop. He began creating abstract drawings and political/societal graphic art for his own personal enjoyment. An urban barbershop/gallery in Haverhill displayed two of his drawings while another artsy gift shop down the road has his t-shirts and magnets for sale. Currently Ben resides in Andover, Massachusetts, has been involved in several art festivals, and displays his collages at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Lowell, Massachusetts.


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Quality Machine by Benjamin Brierre
Quality Machine
17″x14″; cardboard, paper, acrylic paint, marker, gloss varnish; 2013

Say Hey There by Benjamin Brierre
Say Hey There
11″x8.5″; clear acrylic, gloss varnish, paper, acrylic paint, marker, vinyl; 2013