Joachim Sperl

social commitment, where it starts and where it should end by Joachim Sperl
Social Commitment, Where It Starts and Where It Should End
11.2″x8.2″; collage, crayon; 2013

Joachim Sperl
Hamburg, Germany


Sperl creates a quirky, complex and colourful world in his illustrations, with a richness of detail, ambiguity and irony in his storytelling. Many a time, he uses the “story in the story” tool for his storytelling as well. He is playful with perspective, he often uses more than one, or he ignores it on purpose.


Joachim Sperl was born in a small town and grew up in a village somewhere in the Odenwald, Germany.

He studied (after an aborted attempt at Architectural studies) Graphic Design in Hamburg and at the Buckinghamshire New University (located in a bizarre town near London, England) under Paul Plowman. Joachim works as a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Hamburg (currently) and he wants to drink more tea instead of coffee in the future.


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Making Bacon and Soft Soda by Joachim Sperl
Making Bacon and Soft Soda
5.4″x7.5″; collage; 2013

Anal is the new Oral by Joachim Sperl
Anal is the New Oral
11.8″x11.8″; collage; 2013