Joanna Turlej

Blue Vase
20″x15″; paper collage on canvas; 2014

Joanna Turlej
Oakville, Ontario, Canada


In my art, I chase the untouchable, vague and fleeting, images that seem to be momentarily in front of me and gone the next moment. To catch them is an exhilarating feeling. The painting process enables me to hold on to these images, to give a form to the formless.

In collage, I use magazine ripped paper or my own painted paper to assemble a paper collage on canvas. The images are created in a painterly way, creating a mosaic type of effect. I find this process both challenging and exciting.

I relate my collage work to putting together a 1000-piece puzzle, finding this very special piece of paper that would be just a right colour and value. As a chess player, I plan few steps ahead, but often let my emotions run free and take control over my creative process.

I appreciate the beauty of nature and feel strongly about the environmental problems we are facing today. Through my art, I like to highlight the importance of preserving this treasure we have in Canada.


Joanna graduated from OCAD University with an honours degree in Fine Art and the George A. Reid Award of Excellence.

Since her graduation, she studied under these notable artists: John Leonard, Peter Kolisnyk, Linda Kemp, Skip Lawrence, Christopher Schink, Alvaro Castagnet, Joanna Nash, Linda Kemp and Steve Aimone.

During her career as an artist, she has explored different media, from tapestry weaving, silk painting, watercolours, and acrylics to paper collage.

Joanna exhibits 3 to 4 times a year in group juried exhibitions. She had her solo retrospective exhibition in 2013.

In September 2014, Joanna participated in a group exhibition “Square Foot Project” at the Art Square Gallery in Toronto, exhibiting her collage work. In October 2014, she is scheduled to present “Short Story of Collage”, leading up to her workshop on collage in November 2014.


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Reclaimed Beauty
24″x30″; paper collage on canvas; 2014

Versace Island
36″x48″; paper collage on canvas; 2014

Love You Babe
20″x15″; paper collage on canvas; 2014

Travel Inside
12″x12″; paper collage on canvas; 2014