Lisa Austin

It’s Raining Fishes
9″x9″; vintage paper; 2019

Lisa Austin
Louisville, Kentucky, USA


I love the idea of encapsulating a moment in time with objects, words, and images: whether it is an emotion, a social commentary, a piece of history, a person, or a place. To capture that moment and to keep returning to it because it evokes a feeling is my purpose in making mixed media. I want the viewer to think about the piece, have feelings about the piece, and to make art part of the collective experience. It is leaving a piece of time and our world behind in its physical form as well as in memory.


After twenty years as an award-winning studio potter, I began making mixed media pieces in 2006 settling, most recently, on collage. I am self-taught and was, in another life, a college English professor. I am in international permanent collections and have won awards for my collage work. I am a signature member of the National Collage Society and live in Louisville, Kentucky. My work is what I call narrative collage; it tells a story albeit often a twisted one. It is up to the viewer to determine what story it tells. Frequently, it is not one I saw but that is what makes it so interesting to me; to have the viewer write his own narrative. My work is also a little surreal but with a bit of my twisted sense of humour. I sometimes make political work but only when it is something I am passionate about. Mostly, my work is a social commentary of a gentle nature.


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Polly Does Not Want a Cracker
10″x8″; vintage paper; 2018
Ballroom Nixon
7″x5″; vintage paper; 2018
The End of the World As We Know It
10″x8″; vintage photo, joss paper, vintage photos; 2018
The Real Reason for Extinction
10″x8″; vintage paper; 2018