Jim Ford

A Lover’s Holiday
60″x48″; acrylic, fabric, collage on canvas; 2019

Jim Ford
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Art is a vehicle that affords us adventure and wonder. Each piece is an opportunity to express concepts in a new way as we learn and evolve. In my work, I strive to master the art of storytelling in my own visual language.

My art is largely collage-based, though I have a background in drawing and design. Juxtaposing passages of paint, collage and assemblage, I tend to blur the lines between mediums so that the elements are working in unison. My work challenges the viewer to form their own personal analysis, decoding clues while exploring personal emotional and symbolic associations. Fueled by music, inside jokes and observations about modern life, the work tends to take on a humorous attitude with quirky titles and unusual subjects.

A progression connects my pieces, which graduate from one “seed” to another, working to create a rhythm, momentum and – ultimately, a distinct abstract language. My work is, at times, a rebellion or reaction to our time and place; and other times embracing the human experience. Each piece is vastly different from the last, and while I employ a number of styles and techniques – my work is perhaps best defined by its compositional style and quality of energy.

I’m interested in evolving my work into sculptural forms and experimenting with installation and space. Building upon the themes that define my work, I am always seeking new and different ways to remix materials and propel my creative vision.


Jim Ford is a painter, collage artist and designer based in Milwaukee. Ford works in contemporary abstraction, making collage paintings with subtle notes of humor, history, culture and spirituality. Working in series, he has developed a few signatures in paper collage. Ford’s latest collage work is informed by years of experience in shaping letterforms and cutting images, although the connection may not be obvious. Read more about Ford’s work in Kolaj Magazine #26, where his work Jack & Jane Do It All Right was featured on the cover.


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In Memory of the Night
24″x24″; acrylic, collage and transfers on canvas; 2017
Infinite Loop from the “One Sheet Wonders” series
8″x10″; collage on paper; 2017
24″x24″; acrylic and collage on wood; 2018
48″x72″; acrylic, collage and objects on canvas; 2018