Melissa Moffat

Fine Peace
20″x20″; books and glue on wood panel; 2017

Melissa Moffat
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I search among the discarded, and forgotten books and magazines to discover treasures. I use clippings of colour, patterns, and shapes, objects and characters to highlight the beauty in unusual places. Those fragments of our culture that live in the mundane pages are torn apart to give birth to new landscapes, colour stories and fantastical vignettes. Whether it be pulling apart a comic book hero or carefully creating a Utopian scene of decadence, I’m always divining new ways to re-use refuse to make it sing.


A real photographer’s eye has pushed Melissa Moffat’s vision into the world of mixed media. A talent for composition and whimsy–as well as her studies in applied photography, psychology and religion–sets her fine-art collages apart from the rest. They range from colourful unique abstract pieces made from Comic Books, or fashion magazines. To realistic scenes created from children’s books and art books. Melissa has shown her work in many Galleries in Toronto and Montreal, including the 37th annual Insights Juried Exhibition of Fine Arts and the Toronto finals of the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. Melissa has also exhibited at many comic book conventions. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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Shine Bright
16″x16″; fashion magazines and glue on wood panel; 2016
20″x24″; comic books and glue on wood panel; 2016
Le Pique-nique
24″x48″; books and glue on wood panel; 2018
Paradise Cove
24″x36″; books and glue on wood panel; 2015