Meg Krohn

24″x18″; book pages and acrylic paint; 2019

Meg Krohn
West Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA


I am a traveler and a maker, and for me, those two things are inextricably linked. As a human (and an artist), I aim to make myself uncomfortable. I like to put myself in totally foreign situations and unfamiliar places. I find in those moments, where everything is brand new, and I am really paying attention, far more acutely than I do in my day-to-day life, I feel the most alive. Born out of those moments of almost panicked clarity, I find a lot of inspiration. I like to notice the color palette and shapes of a place, in addition to the climate, architecture, food, language, sounds and other cultural elements. Working in mixed media allows me to further evoke the spirit of a place by incorporating found ephemera and local elements like maps, flyers, feathers or sand. I think a lot of my work can also tend towards escapist or fantastical. I like to see animals in bright, joyful colors. I suppose I think life is hard enough, and I hope that my art conveys some fantastical joy to the viewer, even if just in the brief moment they are observing it.


Meg Krohn is a visual artist living and working on Cape Cod, MA. Krohn did both her undergraduate and graduate work at Saint Michael’s College in Burlington Vermont, earning a Master’s degree in Arts in Education. Krohn stayed in Burlington for a number of years after she finished graduate school, and the thriving art scene was a perfect place to be inspired and supported as she began her journey as an artist. Since graduating, Krohn has gone through phases and circled back to many different art forms. Presently she is focused on mixed media and collage, which lends itself especially well to travel-inspired art.


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24″x18″; paper, acrylic paint, feather; 2019
Hummingbird Sun Burst
12″x12″; paper, acrylic paint, ink, playing cards; 2018
Stella the Angler Fish
18″x24″; paper, watercolor, acrylic paint; 2018
Deer Skull
12″x12″; map, paper, acrylic paint, watercolor; 2018