Sean F’n Gammon

Down On The Street
11″x18″; 2017

Sean F’n Gammon
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


I like to switch back and forth between black-and-white and color collages. I like to make what I consider to be surreal collages. I sometimes get a little political. I enjoy incorporating advertisements or junk mail into my work.


Hi! I’m Sean F’n Gammon and I started making collages seriously around 2010. I caught the bug from punk rock album covers and show flyers. I’m very influenced by music and movies. I mostly use old books, magazines, and junk mail to create my collages. I also enjoy making digital collages and I’m a street/sticker artist, frequently turning my collages into stickers. I’ve been in many local and international art shows and magazines/publications, and Kolaj turned one of my collages into a trading card. In 2018, I started doing online art shows primarily. What can I say? I’m in to doing my own thing. Occasionally, I still submit to physical art shows that interest me. For 2020, I am only making collages from the junk mail sent to my home. I’m hosting an ongoing, online art show, as I finish them, called “World War Junk Mail”, across my various social media platforms.


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Don’t Let Your Gabies Bro Up To Be Cowboys
6″x12″; 2017
Just Ignore It
4″x3″; 2018
Lack Of Vision
12″x8″; 2018
Stop Screwing Around Paul!
2″x4″; 2019