About Collage Books

So much of collage these days is experienced in printed, published form. Collage Books is Kolaj Magazine’s tool for organizing, documenting, and cataloguing books in which collage plays an important role. Our audience includes readers and collectors of collage books as well as curators, art venues, and writers.

The site contains listings for collage-related titles. We take a broad view of collage books and include trade editions, art criticism, coffee table books, ‘zines, artist books, catalogues, literary endeavours that feature collage. When possible, we link titles to reviews of books in the magazine and places where the book can be purchased.

We welcome submissions. To submit a title, go HERE.

In addition to current titles, we want to document historic titles about collage to reflect the role of publishing in the medium. Your support of this work is greatly appreciated. You can support this work in two ways: Send us an email to let us know about a title that you think is important and purchase a subscription to the printed magazine.


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The editorial staff of Kolaj Magazine determines which books to review in the publication. Announcements of books are at the discretion of the publishing staff. We reserve the right to reject a title. When a title is labeled “Sponsored Book” it means Kolaj Magazine has received compensation to promote the book in the form of a paid in print advertisement or online. Kolaj Magazine may receive a consideration copy of a title from the publisher. Kolaj Magazine never accepts compensation to review a book and the decision to review a book is exclusively editorial. Maison Kasini receives a commission from the sale of books only when purchased through Powells.com. We welcome questions and pledge to be as transparent as possible.