Collage Haggadah

Collage Haggadah

by Emily Marbach

Collage Haggadah is the work of ex-pat American artist Emily Marbach. This 214-page book is filled with analog collages on the themes of the Jewish holiday of Passover which include slavery and freedom, the Israelites exodus from Egypt and the spring season.

Plague of Frogs by Emily Marbach
5.9″x8.3″; mixed media collage; 2018

This book is also a manual for the rituals and story-telling of the Passover seder dinner. The collages sit beside and within the Hebrew text and the new (gender neutral god) translation into English, by the artist as well. With a mix of humour, history and pathos, Marbach uses her collage and printmaking talents to bring this ancient text into the modern age. “It was strange and enlightening to be collaging about the ten plagues during a pandemic. It shed a different light on the story I’ve heard repeated throughout my life.”

(text based on the author’s press materials)

Collage Haggadah
by Emily Marbach
214 pages
ISBN 978-1527284500
$36 US/£32.19

Notting Hill Press, London, 2021

The book is available through Amazon. Visit the book’s webpage,, to see options for purchasing via US Amazon or UK Amazon. After the pandemic, the book will be available through other avenues.