by Matthew Rose

Coronaville, the 40-episode graphic novel by American artist and writer Matthew Rose, was published on America’s Independence Day, July 4, 2020 as the Coronavirus Pandemic screamed across the world and the American landscape.

The book was produced in Spring 2020 during the quarantine in France. Over the course of 40 days and 40 nights, Rose repurposed a 1930s bande dessinée to tell the Orwellian tale of self-dealing and double-speak pouring out of the Trump White House and blithely repeated by acolytes, supporters and bleach-drunk Trump cultists as they attacked the truth tellers and scientists tracking the pandemic.

Rose whited out the speech bubbles of a vintage comic book and cobbled together his own texts to animate the characters of a white suburban town, Coronaville. He is currently planning an epiologue in light of the fact that Trump has contracted the virus himself, despite his mocking of his political foes who are cautious and wear masks.

Coronaville, Episode 1 by Matthew Rose. Courtesy of the artist.

Matthew Rose was born in New York in 1959 and graduated from Brown University in 1981 with a degree in Linguistics and Semiotics. He has shown his art work across the planet and his collages, works on paper, altered objects and text pieces are collected across Europe, North America and Japan. His most recent exhibition was “Weekend Plans” at the Karuizawa New Art Museum in Karuizawa, Japan and simultaneously at The New Art Lab, Tokyo, Japan. He is the creative founder of the global exhibition “A Book About Death”, a collective tour de force that has been exhibited some 30 times in the last 10 years from Brazil to Japan to Mexico, the United Kingdom, Bosnia, and throughout the United States.

Matthew Rose’s books can be found at Red Fox Press (Ireland) and online at Blurb. Coronaville is his fifth book. The artist has als also published his writing and criticism in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Modern Painters, and The Art Blog, among others.

Text adapted from the author’s press materials

by Matthew Rose
62 pages
ISBN 978-1-71-515300-7
$22.97 US

Matthew Rose, Paris, 2020

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