Smashed: The Art of the Sticker Combo

by iwillnot

iwillnot says about the book, “This retrospective follows the story of how trading street art stickers grew to aninstallation that reached 3 million people. The work I have received over the past 5 years has been amazing, and it needed to be documented. Smashed follows my efforts to get sticker art shown in an art gallery, which was not an easy task when I started in 2010.”

In Kolaj #13, we wrote about the 2015 DC Street Sticker Expo, the genesis for Smashed:

Be it slapping, tagging, or bombing, sticker art is a growing graffiti genre. If you live in a city of a certain size, you’ve probably seen poles, utility boxes, and backs of street signs plastered with stickers. Some promote bands; others promote political causes; and some are simply funny doodles….When they accumulate, stickers form giant collective collages that reclaim urban space for the people.


Smashed: The Art of the Sticker Combo
by iwillnot
11”x8.5”; 96 pages
softback; colour illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-54393-390-1
iwillnot, Washington, DC, 2018

Purchase the book directly from the artist HERE or at Powell’s Bookstore HERE.