Birmingham Collage Collective

Birmingham Collage Collective

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


The Birmingham Collage Collective was founded in early 2019 by Adam Wynn. After connecting with several Birmingham-based collage artists in various ways, it became evident that there is a strong connection to the medium throughout the city. The group has since expanded to 28 members and in just under a year has had two exhibitions and one zine release.


The aim of the group is to celebrate the use of analogue collage, and in turn, promote and highlight the city of Birmingham and its exciting creative community.

We’re In This Together by Adam Wynn
Courtesy of the artist.


The group is always open to new members, however, there is the prerequisite that everyone involved has to have a link to Birmingham in some way (either residing or resided, working or worked, studying or studied, etc).


In Spring 2019 Birmingham Collage Collective debuted with a group show, “CLIPS”, with over 200 visitors on the opening night. The show was closed with a collage event for public and collective members to attend, which also coincided with World Collage Day 2019.

In the Autumn of 2019, the collective produced a zine through a Birmingham-based company called Provide.



Opulent Demolition by Tom Tebby
Courtesy of the artist.