Oltre Collage

Vermilio by Zeno Peduzzi
11″x8.5″; collage; 2017
Courtesy of the artist.

Oltre Collage

Milan, Italy


Oltre Collage was founded in 2014 thanks to the opportunities presented by social media, allowing its members to connect over their love of collage despite living in separate cities.


Oltre Collage exists to establish an interaction between artists who use the language of collage, to expand collage’s area of ​​action, to create opportunities for exchange, and, especially, to bring more people to the world of collage.

Untitled by Franz Samsa
11″x8.5″; collage and oil; 2018
Courtesy of the artist.


Oltre Collage as a collective is limited to the 4 main participants: Franz Samsa, Zeno Peduzzi, Franz Murtas, and Vania Valzasina.

Anybody can take part in their workshops or have the potential to be featured in their magazine by sending in their works. The main channel of their activities are via Instagram and Facebook.


Oltre Paper Collage Fanzine
An ongoing magazine project that collects work from various collage artists. They are currently working on their fifth issue.

Workshops & Exhibitions
The group has had several exhibitions and workshops including taking part in Wop Art Switzerland with their exhibition “La terra è piatta”.