Quebec Collage

Quebec Collage

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Virginie Maltais first became aware of the international collage community through Kolaj Magazine. After participating in some of their open calls and writing a couple of articles for them, she realized there was a need for a local collage community in Quebec. She founded Quebec Collage to promote the medium and local collage artists while making sure attention is paid to the bilingual community.


Quebec Collage is a local movement that wants to promote creativity, diversity, and art education. They do this by curating exhibitions, sharing local initiatives, connecting the local and international communities by translating open calls, and providing a safe space for people to discuss their passion for collage and their own practice.

Collage by Madame Gilles
Courtesy of the artist.


Some of the collage artists that have worked with Quebec Collage include Vanessa VanHollywood, François-Xavier Vigneault Marcil, Linda Luttinger, Patricia Doucet, Janna Yotte, Jesse Bouffard, Camille Nepveu, Lucie Bosquin, Jean Martin Raven, Jean-Marie Moncelet, Madame Gilles, Caro Dubois, Honorata Jarnuszkiewicz, Éric Braün, Virginie Maltais, Stéphanie Filion, Jérôme Bertrand, Mara Laika, Frédérick Ouellet, Alain Lapierre, and Karine Demers.


To get involved, Quebec artists should contact Quebec Collage to share their work or to promote upcoming collage exhibitions. Quebec Collage posts one new artist a day and is always looking for artists to feature in upcoming exhibitions.

Quebec Collage invites the international community to let them know about any open calls. They will translate them if necessary and help promote them so that they can reach a wider audience.


Quebec Collage has curated several exhibitions that showcase local artists including the “Retailles” exhibition at Marc Gosselin Gallery and the self-titled group show at BRiX.

Open Calls
The group will have it’s own international open calls once a year that everyone is invited to participate in. In 2019, they hosted a call for black and white mail art that was exhibited locally and online.

In 2018, Quebec Collage hosted a Paper Collage Monster workshop during the first World Collage Day and, in 2020, they held a holiday workshop as part of their BRiX exhibition.



“Retailles” exhibition at Marc Gosselin Gallery
2019. Courtesy of the curator.