Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem

Há braços by Sacha Senger
8.66″x9.45″; analog paper collage; 2018
Courtesy of the artist.

Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem

Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“The initiative was born in a casual way, in February 2018, with an ex-change of messages via Instagram and an idea of connecting Brazilian collage artists.” The three founders, Sacha Senger, Fabiana Lopes, and Paulo Victor Tavares, were later joined by Leonardo Daruma. “The group grew quickly, as did the number of engaged collage artists.”

Since its foundation, in 2018, Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem has promoted meetings, fairs, exhibitions and experiences held with the support of spaces such as the Centro Cultural de São Paulo, Galeria Recorte, Sala de Artes and Centrode Arte Maria Tereza Vieira.

In 2019, Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem was present at Red Bull Station as one of the collectives selected for Ocupação nº5, the brand’s traditional artistic residence. Also in 2019, Sacha Senger and Fabiana Lopes curated the exhibition “Resistências” at Galeria Recorte, which brought together more than 50 collages by Brazilian artists.

Today, they are a team of three administrators that manage the Instagram account, but they have dozens of artists who follow and support them. Their backgrounds are as varied as possible, “we have artists from all regions of the country, from different professions,” they write. “Some make collage as a hobby, others work with collage as a livelihood. Some are beginners, others are much more experienced.”

Diante dos olhos by Paulo Victor
10.23″x8.26″; analog paper collage; 2019
Courtesy of the artist.


Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem is “a national collective of collage artists interested in exchanging experiences, disseminating theoretical knowledge and practical applications of analog collage. Collage is known for being
a means of democratic expression, and our mission is to work as a network of knowledge, connecting those who want to teach to those who are willing to learn.”


To connect with the group, send an email or message via social media. “We receive many private messages and always try to respond to everyone. When we have open events, we always invite our followers to attend so we can have contact with new artists.”


Mauricio Planel is working with the group to publish a book in Portuguese that features thirty collage artists from different countries. “It will be a gift to our followers.”

On a continuous basis, the group publishes “the best Brazilian collages” under the hashtag #sociedadebrdecolagem.

World Collage Day
On World Collage Day, the group organizes simultaneous events in cities such as Santos, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. In the 2019 edition, they held workshops, free meetings and the Collage Battle, in which experienced collagists participated in a timed challenge.



O que brota espontaneamente de mim by Fabiana Lopes
13″x11.41″; analog paper collage; 2018
Courtesy of the artist.