Twin Cities Collage Collective

Sunbeam Mixmaster In Pink by Nathan Stromberg
21.5″x17.5″; analog collage with vintage magazine/book and hand died paper fragments; 2019. Courtesy of the artist.

Twin Cities Collage Collective

Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA


Nate Stromberg and Ben DiNino met at the first Kolaj Fest in 2018, and Nate expressed interest in getting a group together locally. Ben had met Allison Anne earlier in the summer after they had each held a small World Collage Day activity in Minneapolis, and mentioned to Nate that there was already a group in the works. Allison had started trying to get people together in the Twin Cities for a series of casual meetups, it wasn’t an overly organized group at the time, but it was called Twin Cities Collage Collective. Motivated by mutual interest in working collaboratively, Allison, Ben and Nate sought out a few other local collage artists, invited them to get involved, and the group was officially founded in December 2018. Since then, we’ve grown to have eight members, including Aaron King, Matt Pariseau, Scott Neff, Madeline Rose and Alison Bergblom Johnson, all of whom have very different and exciting methods, styles and techniques.


The Twin Cities Collage Collective strives to provide an inclusive, safe space for individuals at all levels of creative ability to learn about collage. The group fosters a community of creative people who support each other and bring attention to collage as an art form. By providing a forum to share ideas, techniques, and our work, the Collective is intended to be a positive force in the world of collage, its history, and cultivation.

Collage by Allison Anne. Courtesy of the artist.


Get involved in person by attending the group’s community collage events. You can also sign up for their emailing list to keep up-to-date on event calendars and other shows they may be participating in. Even if you can’t make it to the event itself, you can still participate with Twin Cities Collage Collective by contributing to their calls for submissions, which are posted through the emailing list and on their website.


The collective meets monthly in an administrative capacity to discuss collage, their art practices, and to plan events, goals and activities for their group and the community at large. They have been holding open collage gatherings where they provide space and materials for members of the community to come in and work on collage, no matter their skill or interest level. They also have some upcoming workshops and activities that are soon to be announced.

In May 2019, they held a group art show and collage event at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis that had an incredible turnout and was mentioned in one of their local newspapers.



The Finite Art of Manufacturing Expansion #6 by Ben DiNino
11″x8.5″; analog collage with vintage 1960s magazine ads on card stock; 2018. Courtesy of the artist.