Julien Ratouin

Ideal for Single Shot by Julien Ratouin


Julien Ratouin studied Art History at university, with a specialty in Art Therapy. His working travels took him from creating workshops for children with cancer and for the elderly to being a corporate communications executive in Singapore. He is a kitchen planner now and “will continue to cut and paste for fun!”. He also has done collaborative collage work with Liz Cohn and Fred Free. You can find out more at his Tumblr page.

Ratouin’s portfolio appears in Issue Four where Ric Kasini Kadour writes,

“Collage activates memories,” [Ratouin] writes. For him, the medium is an opportunity to investigate unexpected associations and “explore kinds of new language”…What is remarkable about his compositions is that they work so well from nearly every angle.

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Ideal for Single Shot
by Julien Ratouin
collage on blue paper